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Director Opportunity

Thursday October 25th, 2018

Director opportunity at NEAT Active Ltd

NEAT Active Ltd is looking for a non-executive director to join its Board of Directors.

The Board is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction and operation of the company and ensuring it fulfils its legal responsibilities as a service provider and an employer.

We are looking for someone who ideally has:

a range of business skills, particularly including strategic planning, financial management and/or HR;

some experience of working in a commercial environment; and

an interest in sport development and physical wellbeing.

This is an unpaid voluntary position involving 3-4 meetings per year, which are held at the company’s registered office at Benfield School, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 4NU.

Please find more information about the company below. If you would like to discuss this opportunity informally, please contact Charles Turvill (NEAT Active Director) or Suzanne Hendey (NEAT Active Company Secretary) on 0191 2884090.

What is NEAT Active Ltd?

NEAT Active Ltd (NAL) is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of Newcastle East mixed multi Academy Trust, known as NEAT. The trust runs five schools in the NE6 area: Benfield School, Central Walker Church of England Primary School, Tyneview Primary School, Walkergate Community School and West Walker Primary School.

NAL was established shortly after the trust was set up in 2017. Its purpose is to:

allow the trust to undertake ‘non primary purpose’ trading in a tax efficient way

reduce the trust’s exposure to risk when engaging in commercial activities.

What does NEAT Active Ltd do?

Currently NAL has two main trading activities:

Benfield Sports Centre (

Management of the community sports programme operating from the Benfield School site during evenings, weekends and school holidays. The key aims of the service are to:

Provide a wide range of sporting and physical activities for the local community and promote healthy lifestyles.

Encourage participation in sport by a wide range of ages and abilities.

Build strong working partnerships with external groups and partner organisations that operate from the site.

Ensure that the sports facilities at the Benfield School site are maintained and financially sustainable in the long term.

Newcastle PE and School Sport Service (

Work with schools and partner organisations across Newcastle to deliver high quality sporting and physical opportunities for children in order to raise participation and encourage healthy active lifestyles. The key aims of the service are to:

Support schools to deliver a measurable and sustained improvement in School Sport and PE, which increases participation levels in physical activity.

Provide school staff with quality assured CPD and developmental opportunities to enable the delivery of high quality PE by schools.

Host the National School Games programme across Newcastle, to deliver competitive sport to all young people and encourage leadership development opportunities.

Deliver a range of healthy active programmes, to encourage increased participation in physical activity, particularly from children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

NAL may develop other trading activities in the future.

What is the membership of the NAL Board of the Directors?

NAL currently operates with a board of three directors, who provide regular reports to NEATS’s Board of Directors.  Both boards are supported by a Company Secretary /Clerk to the Directors.

You can read more about our corporate governance here:

What size is the company?

The company has a turnover of £600k and currently employs 16 staff.

Why should you consider joining NAL as a non-executive director?

We value our non-executive directors highly as they:

bring a fresh perspective to our business;

have a real-life understanding of reacting to changing environments and solving problems; and

are motivated by giving something back to society.

In return we can offer you the opportunity to:

further develop your skills and competences in areas such as leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, creative thinking, analysis and evaluation;

demonstrate your adaptability to be effective in different surroundings with different tasks, responsibilities and people; and

contribute to improving the wellbeing of citizens across Newcastle.

What support will you be provided with?

We arrange an induction programme for newly appointed directors so they are aware of their responsibilities and get to understand our business at an early stage including meeting key staff.